EVS-EN 30-1-2:2023

Domestic cooking appliances burning gas - Part 1-2: Safety - Appliances having forced-convection ovens

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Valid from 15.05.2023
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EN 30-1-2:2023
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Standard history

This European Standard specifies the special constructional and operational characteristics, as well as the requirements and methods of test for safety and marking, for domestic cooking appliances having forced-convection ovens and /or grills using combustible gases, as defined in EN 30-1-1:2008+A2:2010.
Unless specifically excluded, this European Standard applies to appliances or their component parts, whether the component parts are independent or incorporated as part of the appliance, even if the other heating components use electrical energy (for example combined gas-electric cookers).
This European Standard includes requirements covering the electrical safety of equipment incorporated in the appliance that are associated with the use of gas. It does not include requirements covering the electric safety of electrically-heated components or their associated equipment1).
This European Standard does not apply to:
- outdoor appliances;
- appliances connected to a combustion products evacuation duct;
- appliances having a pyrolytic gas oven;
- appliances having covered burners which do not comply with the constructional requirements
of EN 30-1-1:2008+A2:2010,;
- appliances incorporating flame supervision devices and having an automatic ignition device for which the duration of the ignition attempt is limited by design;
- appliances equipped with a burner that is periodically ignited and extinguished under the control of an automatic on/off device;
- appliances equipped with a burner having a fan for the supply of combustion air or for the evacuation of the products of combustion;
- appliances supplied at pressures greater than those defined in EN 30-1-1:2008+A2:2010, 7.1.2;
- appliances equipped with an oven and/or with a grill having a fan either for the supply of combustion air or for the evacuation of the products of combustion;
- appliances equipped with a compartment in which a burner and an electric heating element can function simultaneously;
- appliances having one or more burners that are capable of remote operation (type 1 or type 2), unless the burner(s) concerned are thermostatically controlled oven burners of time-controlled ovens that are designed for a delayed start without the user being present.
This European Standard does not cover the requirements relating to third family gas cylinders, their regulators and their connection.
This European Standard only covers type testing.
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