EVS-EN 312:2010

Particleboards. Specifications

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Valid from 04.11.2010
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EN 312:2010
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This European Standard specifies the requirements for flat-pressed or calendar-pressed unfaced particleboards as defined in EN 309. NOTE 1 This standard is called up in EN 13986 for construction applications. Products specified in this standard are referred to in EN 13986 as resin-bonded particleboards. The values listed in this standard relate to product properties, but they are not characteristic values to be used in design calculations. NOTE 2 Such characteristic values (e.g. for use in design calculation in EN 1995-1-1) are given either in EN 12369-1 or derived by testing according to EN 789, EN 1058 and ENV 1156. Additional information on supplementary properties for certain applications is also given. NOTE 3 Particleboards in accordance with this standard may be referred to as P1 to P7-boards. Boards of type P4 to P7 are intended for use in design and construction of load-bearing or stiffening building elements, e.g. walls, flooring, roofing and I-beams (see EN 1995-1-1 and/or performance standards). This standard does not apply to extruded particleboards and flaxboards, which are standardised in EN 14755 and EN 15197 respectively.
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