EVS-EN 417:2012

Non-refillable metallic gas cartridges for liquefied petroleum gases, with or without a valve, for use with portable appliances - Construction, inspection, testing and marking

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Valid from 04.04.2012
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EN 417:2012
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This European Standard specifies material, construction, inspection and marking requirements for nonrefillable metallic gas cartridges with or without a valve for use with portable appliances which comply with the requirements of EN 521. This European Standard is applicable to cartridges with a total capacity of between 50 ml and 1 000 ml, designed to contain stenched liquefied petroleum gas or stabilized mixtures of liquefied petroleum gas with propadiene and/or methyl acetylene and/or di-methyl-ether or equivalent, where the pressure developed by the contents of the cartridge at 50 °C does not exceed 13,2 bar. However, stenching of these gases is optional for cartridges with a total capacity not exceeding 150 ml. This European Standard is not applicable for aerosol dispensers - manufactured, filled, tested and marked in accordance with Directive 2008/47/EEC. This European Standard does not apply to appliances with an integral gas container which is not interchangeable, or to cartridges for filling such containers (e.g. lighters).
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