EVS-EN ISO 10460:2018

Gas cylinders - Welded aluminium-alloy, carbon and stainless steel gas cylinders - Periodic inspection and testing (ISO 10460:2018, Corrected version 2019-04)

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Valid from 02.11.2018
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ISO 10460:2018; EN ISO 10460:2018
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This document specifies the requirements for the periodic inspection and testing of welded aluminium-alloy, carbon and stainless steel gas cylinders of water capacity from 0,5 l to 150 l intended for compressed and liquefied gas service under pressure and to verify the integrity of such gas cylinders for further service. It also applies, as far as is practical, to cylinders of less than 0,5 l water capacity and greater than 150 l up to 450 l. This document does not apply to the periodic inspection and testing of acetylene cylinders or composite (fully wrapped or hoop-wrapped) cylinders. It is primarily intended for use with cylinders containing industrial gases other than liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This document may also be applicable to LPG. Requirements for LPG applications are also provided in ISO 10464.
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