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EVS-EN 4708-203:2022

Aerospace series - Sleeving, heat-shrinkable, for binding, insulation and identification - Part 203: polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Identification sleeves - Operating Temperature range -55ºC to 225ºC - Product Standard

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Valid from 30.12.2022
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EN 4708-203:2022
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Standard history

This document specifies the required characteristics for heat-shrinkable semi rigid polyvinylidene identification sleeves for use in aircraft electrical systems at operating temperatures between -55 °C and 225 °C.
This specification is for the characterisation of Identification sleeves only.
This sleeving is a semi rigid tough product and is suitable for use where high temperatures and extreme fluid resistance properties are required.
It is available with a shrink ratio of 2:1.
The product is normally supplied with internal diameters up to 38 mm
The standard colours are white, black or yellow
For use at temperatures above 200 °C black with white or silver ink is recommended
Sizes or colours other than those specifically listed in this standard may be available. These items shall be considered to comply with this document if they comply with the property requirements listed in tables 2 and 3 except for dimensions and mass.
As the sleeving to be tested is a printed article the complete system is to be recorded as part of the evaluation. The sleeve will only be considered as meeting the requirements of this specification if printed with the printer, ribbon/inks and settings referenced within the test report.
Mark adherence and print permanence are determined in this document using method EN 6059-407.

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