EVS-EN 50110-1:2013

Operation of electrical installations -- Part 1: General requirements

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Withdrawn from 16.10.2023
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EN 50110-1:2013
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EVS-EN 50110-1:2005
EN 50110-1 sets out the requirements for the safe operation of and work activity with electrical installations. These electrical installations operate at voltage levels from and including extra-low voltage up to high voltage. These electrical installations are designed for the generation, transmission, conversion, distribution and use of electrical power. Some of these electrical installations are permanent and fixed, such as a distribution installation in a factory or office complex. Others are temporary, such as on construction sites and others are mobile or capable of being moved either whilst energised or whilst not energised or charged. Examples are electrically driven excavating machines in quarries or opencast coal sites.

EN 50110-1 apply to all operational, working and maintenance procedures. They apply to all non-electrical work activities such as building work near overhead lines or underground cables as well as electrical work activities when there is a risk of electrical danger. This standard does not apply to ordinary persons when using installations and equipment, provided that the installations and equipment comply with relevant standards and are designed and installed for use by ordinary persons. EN 50110-1 has not been developed specifically for the electrical installations listed below. However, if there are no other rules or procedures, the principles of EN 50110-1 could be used for them:

– on any aircraft and hovercraft moving under its own power, (these are subject to International Aviation laws which take precedence over national laws in these situations)

– on any sea-going ship moving under its own power, or under the direction of the master, (these are subject to International Marine laws which take precedence over national laws in these situations)

– electronic telecommunications and information systems,

– electronic instrumentation, control and automation systems,

– at coal or other mines,

– on off-shore installations subject to International Marine laws,

– on vehicles,

– on electric traction systems,

– on experimental electrical research work.
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