EVS-EN 50525-1:2011+A1:2022

Electric cables - Low voltage energy cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V (U0/U) - Part 1: General requirements

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Valid from 15.11.2022
Estimated date of Estonian translation publication: 05.2024
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EN 50525-1:2011; EN 50525-1:2011/A1:2022
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This European Standard gives the general requirements for rigid and flexible energy cables of rated voltages U0/U up to and including 450/750 V AC, used in power installations and with domestic and industrial appliances and equipment.
NOTE 1  For some types of flexible cables, the term "cord" is used.
NOTE 2  Rated voltages are given by reference to alternating current systems. Use of the cables in direct current systems is permitted.
NOTE 3  National regulations may prescribe additional performance requirements for cables that are not given in the particular requirements. For example for buildings with high levels of public access, additional fire performance requirements may be applicable,
The test methods for checking conformity with the requirements are given in other standards (see Introduction).
The particular types of cables are specified in EN 50525-2 (series) and EN 50525-3 (series). The individual parts within those two series are collectively referred to hereafter as "the particular specifications".
Only the sizes (conductor class, cross-sectional area), number of cores, other constructional features and rated voltages given in the particular specification apply to the individual cable type.
The code designations of these types of cables are in accordance with HD 361.
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