EVS-EN 60060-2:2011

High-voltage test techniques - Part 2: Measuring systems

General information
Valid from 03.03.2011
Base Documents
IEC 60060-2:2010; EN 60060-2:2011
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This part of IEC 60060 is applicable to complete measuring systems, and to their components, used for the measurement of high voltages during laboratory and factory tests with direct voltage, alternating voltage and lightning and switching impulse voltages as specified in IEC 60060-1. For measurements during on-site tests see IEC 60060-3. The limits on uncertainties of measurements stated in this standard apply to test levels stated in IEC 60071-1:2006. The principles of this standard apply also to higher levels but the uncertainty may be greater. This standard: - defines the terms used; - describes methods to estimate the uncertainties of high-voltage measurements; - states the requirements which the measuring systems shall meet; - describes the methods for approving a measuring system and checking its components; - describes the procedures by which the user shall show that a measuring system meets the requirements of this standard, including the limits set for the uncertainty of measurement.
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