EVS-EN 60422:2013

Mineral insulating oils in electrical equipment - Supervision and maintenance guidance (IEC 60422:2013)

General information
Valid from 04.07.2013
Base Documents
IEC 60422:2013; EN 60422:2013
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard gives guidance on the supervision and maintenance of the quality of the insulating oil in electrical equipment. This standard is applicable to mineral insulating oils, originally supplied conforming to IEC 60296, in transformers, switchgear and other electrical apparatus where oil sampling is reasonably practicable and where the normal operating conditions specified in the equipment specifications apply. This standard is also intended to assist the power equipment operator to evaluate the condition of the oil and maintain it in a serviceable condition. It also provides a common basis for the preparation of more specific and complete local codes of practice. The standard includes recommendations on tests and evaluation procedures and outlines methods for reconditioning and reclaiming oil and the decontamination of oil contaminated with PCBs. NOTE The condition monitoring of electrical equipment, for example by analysis of dissolved gases, furanic compounds or other means, is outside the scope of this standard.
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