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EVS-EN 60794-5-20:2014

Optical fibre cables - Part 5-20: Family specification - Outdoor microduct fibre units, microducts and protected microducts for installation by blowing

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Valid from 05.06.2014
Base Documents
IEC 60794-5-20:2014; EN 60794-5-20:2014
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Standard history

IEC 60794-5-20:2014(E) is a family specification that covers outdoor microduct fibre units  and corresponding microducts and protected microducts for installation by blowing. The protected microducts are intended for duct, directly buried or lashed applications. Microduct fibre units differ from microduct optical fibre cables (see IEC 60794-5-10) in that they provide less protection to the fibres that they contain. Specifically, microduct fibre units rely on the structure of the microduct, protected microduct or appropriate housing to support installation and to provide additional mechanical protection for the optical fibre over the lifetime of the product. Systems built with components covered by this standard are subject to the requirements of sectional specification IEC 60794-5 where applicable.  Keywords: outdoor microduct fibre units, installation by blowing

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