EVS-EN 60839-11-31:2017

Alarm and electronic security systems - Part 11-31: Electronic access control systems - Core interoperability protocol based on Web services

General information
Valid from 04.04.2017
Base Documents
IEC 60839-11-31:2016; EN 60839-11-31:2017
Directives or regulations
Standard history
IEC 60839-11-31:2016 defines procedures for communication between network clients and devices. This series of interoperability standards makes it possible to build an alarm and electronic security system with clients and devices from different manufacturers using common and well defined interfaces. The functions defined in this document covers discovery, device management and event framework. Supplementary dedicated services are defined in separate documents. The management and control interfaces defined in this document are described as Web services. This document also contains full XML schema and Web Service Description Language (WSDL) definitions. In order to offer full plug-and-play interoperability, this document defines procedures for device discovery. The device discovery mechanisms in this document are based on the WS-Discovery specification with extensions.
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