EVS-EN 61984:2009

Connectors - Safety requirements and tests

General information
Valid from 07.08.2009
Base Documents
IEC 61984:2008; EN 61984:2009
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This International Standard applies to connectors with rated voltages above 50 V and up to 1000 V a.c. and d.c. and rated currents up to 125 A per contact, for which either no detail specification (DS) exists or the DS calls up this standard for safety aspects.  For connectors with rated voltage up to 50 V, this standard may be used as a guide. In this case, reference is made to IEC 60664-1 for clearance and creepage distances. This standard may also be used as a guide for connectors with rated current higher than 125 A per pole.  This standard does not apply to connectors in or on equipment where application specific safety requirements for connectors exist.
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