EVS-EN 62109-2:2011

Safety of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems - Part 2: Particular requirements for inverters

General information
Valid from 02.11.2011
Base Documents
IEC 62109-2:2011; EN 62109-2:2011
Directives or regulations
2014/35/EU Low voltage (LVD)
Standard history
This Part 2 of IEC 62109 covers the particular safety requirements relevant to d.c. to a.c. inverter products as well as products that have or perform inverter functions in addition to other functions, where the inverter is intended for use in photovoltaic power systems. Inverters covered by this standard may be grid-interactive, stand-alone, or multiple mode inverters, may be supplied by single or multiple photovoltaic modules grouped in various array configurations, and may be intended for use in conjunction with batteries or other forms of energy storage. Inverters with multiple functions or modes shall be judged against all applicable requirements for each of those functions and modes.
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