EVS-EN 62258-1:2010

Semiconductor die products - Part 1: Procurement and use

General information
Valid from 06.12.2010
Base Documents
IEC 62258-1:2009; EN 62258-1:2010
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This part of IEC 62258 has been developed to facilitate the production, supply and use of semiconductor die products, including - wafers, - singulated bare die, - die and wafers with attached connection structures, - minimally or partially encapsulated die and wafers. The standard defines the minimum requirements for the data that are needed to describe such die products and is intended as an aid to the design of and procurement for assemblies incorporating die products. It covers the requirements for data, including - product identity - product data - die mechanical information - test, quality, assembly and reliability information - handling, shipping and storage information It covers the specific requirements for the data that are needed to describe the geometrical properties of die, their physical properties and the means of connection necessary for their use in the development and manufacture of products. It also contains, in the annexes, a vocabulary and list of common acronyms.
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