EVS-EN 62457:2008

Multimedia home networks - Home network communication protocol over IP for multimedia household appliances

General information
Valid from 08.05.2008
Base Documents
IEC 62457:2007; EN 62457:2008
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard specifies the requirements for the interface between the Home Network Lower Layer for a country’s home network of standalone-type household appliances and the TCP/IP Layer for cases where it is intended to introduce a TCP/IP Layer to each of the nodes comprising such home network of standalone-type household appliances. The specified interface in the Home Network Lower Layer consists of 2 portions, the TCP/IP Interface and the lower medium-specific Interface. Figure 3 shows the composition of the Home Network Layer and the standardized portions. In Annex C, this standard specifies the requirements for the lower medium-specific Interface One of these layers shall be IEEE 802.15.1, short-distance radio standard additional layers can be added in the future). NOTE 1 Grey coloured portions are standardized. NOTE 2 TCP/IP Interface is the same even if the lower medium is different, however the lower medium-specific Interface is different. NOTE 3 Home Network Lower Layer and Home Network Upper Layer are prepared for CEBus, ECHONET, Konnex, LonTalk, others respectively. NOTE 4 Each OSI Layer is roughly mapped to each Home Network Layer.
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