EVS-EN 62474:2012

Material declaration for products of and for the electrotechnical industry

General information
Withdrawn from 15.02.2019
Base Documents
IEC 62474:2012; EN 62474:2012
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard specifies the procedure, content, and form relating to material declarations for products of companies operating in and supplying the electrotechnical industry. Process chemicals and emissions during product use are not in the scope of this International Standard. The main intended use of this International Standard is to provide data to downstream manufacturers that: - allows them to assess products against substance restriction compliance requirements - they can use in their environmentally conscious design process and across all product life cycle phases Clause 4 specifies requirements for a material declaration. Clause 5 specifies the criteria for declarable substances and material classes in the IEC 62474 database associated with this standard. Clause 6 specifies the data format and exchange requirements to be included in the IEC 62474 database. Clause 7 specifies the process to regularly update and maintain the IEC 62474 database. Although this International Standard specifies base requirements, it offers flexibility to product manufacturers and suppliers in the selection of additional requirements or information. This International Standard does not provide any specific method to capture material composition data. Organizations have the flexibility to determine the most appropriate method to capture material composition data without compromising data utility and quality. This International Standard is intended to allow reporting based on engineering judgment, supplier material declarations, or on sampling and testing.
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