EVS-EN 62563-1:2010

Medical electrical equipment - Medical image display systems - Part 1: Evaluation methods

General information
Valid from 06.05.2010
Base Documents
IEC 62563-1:2009; EN 62563-1:2010
Directives or regulations
Standard history
EN 62563-1:2010/prA2:2020
This part of IEC 62563 describes the evaluation methods for testing medical IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS. The scope of this International Standard is directed to practical tests that can be visually evaluated or measured using basic test equipment. More advanced or more quantitative measurements can be performed on these devices, but these are beyond the scope of this document. This standard applies to medical IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS, which can display monochrome image information in the form of greyscale values on colour and greyscale IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS (e.g. CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT) monitors, FLAT PANEL DISPLAYS, PROJECTION SYSTEM). This standard applies to medical IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS used for diagnostic (interpretation of medical images toward rendering clinical diagnosis) or viewing (viewing medical images for medical purposes other than for providing a medical interpretation) purposes and therefore having specific requirements in terms of image quality. Head mounted IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS and IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS used for confirming positioning and for operation of the system are not covered by this standard. It is not in the scope of this standard to define the requirements of acceptance and constancy tests nor the frequencies of constancy tests.
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