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EVS-EN 62680-2-1:2015

Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power - Part 2-1: Universal Serial Bus Specification, Revision 2.0 (TA 14)

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Valid from 05.01.2016
Base Documents
IEC 62680-2-1:2015; EN 62680-2-1:2015
Directives or regulations

Standard history

IEC 62680-2-1:2015(E) defines an industry-standard USB. The specification describes the bus attributes, the protocol definition, types of transactions, bus management, and the programming interface required to design and build systems and peripherals that are compliant with this standard. The goal is to enable such devices from different vendors to interoperate in an open architecture. The specification is intended as an enhancement to the PC architecture, spanning portable, business desktop, and home environments. It is intended that the specification allow system OEMs and peripheral developers adequate room for product versatility and market differentiation without the burden of carrying obsolete interfaces or losing compatibility.

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EVS-EN 62680-1-1:2015

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