EVS-EN 709:1997+A4:2010

Agricultural and forestry machinery - Pedestrian controlled tractors with mounted rotary cultivators, motor hoes, motor hoes with drive wheels(s) - Safety CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Valid from 04.03.2010
Base Documents
EN 709:1997+A4:2009
Directives or regulations
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)

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Main + amendment
Main + amendment
This European Standard specifies safety requirements and testing for design and construction of, pedestrian controlled tractors with mounted rotary cultivators with the cultivator rotating axis horizontal and perpendicular to the direction of motion of the machine, motor hoes and motor hoes with drive wheel(s), all as used in agriculture, forestry, landscaping and gardening (including amenity use). It describes methods for the elimination or reduction of risks arising from their use. In addition, it specifies the type of information to be provided by the manufacturer on safe working practices. This European Standard does not cover the requirements to fulfil national road traffic regulations such as lights, steering and braking. Environmental aspects have not been considered in this standard. This European Standard applies primarily to machines which are manufactured after the date of issue of the standard.
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