EVS-EN 81714-2:2007

Design of graphical symbols for use in the technical documentation of products - Part 2: Specification for graphical symbols in a computer sensible form including graphical symbols for a reference library, and requirements for their interchange

General information
Valid from 04.05.2007
Base Documents
IEC 81714-2:2006; EN 81714-2:2007
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This part of International Standard 81714 specifies requirements for graphical symbols to be included in a reference symbol library in a computer sensible form, and requirements for their interchange among computer aided tools. The reference symbol library may be used as a basis for the design and editing of documents, and for the interchange of documents and graphical symbol libraries among computer-aided tools. The specification of a physical file format required for the interchange is not included in this standard.
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