EVS-EN 927-1:2013

Paints and varnishes - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood - Part 1: Classification and selection

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Valid from 02.04.2013
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EN 927-1:2013
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This European Standard specifies a system for the classification of coating systems and coating materials for exterior wood surfaces by categories of end use, appearance and exposure conditions. It defines also several components of a multi coat system (primer, undercoat, top coat, etc.). It is applicable to all coating materials and coating systems intended for decoration and protection of exterior wood surfaces including those which contain biologically protective ingredients for the protection of coatings and at their surface (film preservation). The coating materials may include biologically active ingredients for the protection of the liquid coating material, for example during storage (in-can preservation) or to protect their interface with the wood (e.g. blue stain protection). This European Standard is generally not applicable to wood preservatives. Wood preservatives may however be part of a coating system covered by this standard. Guidance on selection criteria and the procedures for user's selection are given for information in Annex A.
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