EVS-EN IEC 60545:2021

Guidelines for commissioning and operation of hydraulic turbines, pump-turbines and storage pumps

General information
Valid from 01.09.2021
Base Documents
EN IEC 60545:2021; IEC 60545:2021
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Standard history
The purpose of this international guideline is to establish, in a general way, suitable procedures for commissioning and operation of hydraulic machines and associated equipment, and to indicate how such machines and equipment should be commissioned and operated. Commissioning and operation of the associated equipment is not described in detail in this guideline but is considered in the commissioning and operation procedure as a separate step. Machines of up to about 15 MW and reference diameters of about 3 m are generally covered by IEC 62006 Hydraulic Machines Acceptance Test of small Hydroelectric Installations. It is understood that a guideline of this type will be binding only if the contracting parties have agreed upon it. The guideline excludes matters of purely commercial interest, except those inextricably connected with the conduct of commissioning and operation. The guideline is not concerned with waterways, gates, drainage pumps, cooling-water equipment, generators, motor-generators, electrical equipment (e.g. circuit breakers, transformers) etc., except where they cannot be separated from the hydraulic machinery and its equipment. Wherever the guideline specifies that documents, drawings or information shall be supplied by a supplier (or by suppliers), each individual supplier shall be required to furnish the appropriate information for its own supply only.
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