EVS-EN IEC 61482-1-1:2019

Live working - Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc - Part 1-1: Test methods - Method 1: Determination of the arc rating (ELIM, ATPV and/or EBT) of clothing materials and of protective clothing using an open arc

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Valid from 16.09.2019
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IEC 61482-1-1:2019; EN IEC 61482-1-1:2019
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This part of IEC 61482 specifies test method procedures to determine the arc rating of flame resistant clothing materials and garments or assemblies of garments intended for use in clothing for workers if there is an electric arc hazard. An open arc under controlled laboratory conditions is used to determine the values of ELIM, ATPV or EBT of materials, garments or assemblies of garments. NOTE 1 The user can, if he desires, classify the arc protective performance into arc rating protection levels based on ELIM, ATPV and/or EBT values which correspond best to the different hazard and risks levels that can result from the user’s risk analysis. NOTE 2 This document is not dedicated to classifying the arc protective performance of the material and clothing into arc protection classes. Procedures determining these arc protection classes APC1 and APC2 are specified in IEC 61482-1-2, which uses a constrained arc for testing. NOTE 3 This test method is not intended and not appropriate to evaluate whether materials or garments are flame resistant or not, as this is covered in IEC 61482-2. Other effects than the thermal effects of an electric arc like noise, light emissions, pressure rise, hot oil, electric shock, the consequences of physical and mental shock or toxic influences are not covered by this document. Protective clothing for work intentionally using an electric arc, e.g. arc welding, plasma torch, is not covered by this document.
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