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EVS-EN IEC 61970-401:2022

Energy management system application program interface (EMS-API) - Part 401: Profile framework

General information

Valid from 01.08.2022
Base Documents
IEC 61970-401:2022; EN IEC 61970-401:2022
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document describes how IEC 61970-450 (all parts), IEC 61970-600 (all parts) profile specifications are structured and created. Profile specifications describe a subset of the Canonical CIM dedicated to a specific data exchange. The Canonical CIM is described in IEC 61970-300 (all parts) as well as in IEC 61968-11.
Rules for creation or extension of Canonical CIM are outside the scope of this document.
This document specifies the structure of a profile specification and the rules for selecting subsets of information from the Canonical CIM. It standardizes the operations used to create the profile elements from the Canonical CIM. As Canonical CIM is described in UML the operations are described in terms of UML classes, attributes, and roles.
It is possible to map UML to RDFS or OWL, so any of the languages UML, RDFS or OWL can be used to describe the created profiles. Specification of languages (UML, RDFS or OWL) used to describe profiles as well as how profiles are presented and edited in user interfaces are outside the scope of this document. Languages used to describe profiles are specified in other specifications. Relevant specifications are referenced in Clause 2.
UML supports adding free text that describes further restrictions on UML constructs, e.g. classes, attribute values, association roles and cardinalities. Languages such as OCL and SHACL are dedicated to describing constraints. OCL is used to describe constraints for object data described in UML while SHACL is used to describe constraints on graph data described by RDFS or OWL. OCL is within the scope of this document, but SHACL is not.
This document supports profiles describing data exchanged as CIMXML datasets or messages. The exchange format within the scope is in accordance with IEC 61970-552 but other formats are possible.
Tool interoperability and serialisation formats are outside the scope of this document.

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