EVS-EN IEC 62471-6:2023

Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems - Part 6: Ultraviolet lamp products

General information
Valid from 15.11.2023
Base Documents
IEC 62471-6:2022; EN IEC 62471-6:2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This Standard provides the optical radiation safety requirements for ultraviolet lamp products, including UV LED products.
This standard provides requirements for:
- optical radiation safety assessment and ultraviolet-product risk groups;
- user information for safety measures;
- appropriate labelling of ultraviolet lamp products
This standard addresses those lamps and lamp products where the ultraviolet emission serves the primary purpose of the product and where more than half of the optical radiation emitted between 180 nm - 3 000 nm is in the spectral region 180 nm - 400 nm. If more than half of the optical radiation emitted between 180 nm - 3 000 nm is outside of the spectral region 180 nm - 400 nm, then the base standard IEC 62471-1 should be used. This standard covers medical diagnostic devices/products that emit primarily UV radiation.
Because photobiological effects from UV radiation are based on the total accumulated exposure (dose) received, this standard relies on the concept of ‘Time-weighted Average’ exposures where the assessment distance for determining the RG is chosen based on realistic exposure distances and exposure durations. In other words, it is not expected that people will be exposed at very close distances, e.g. 20 - 30 cm, for extended periods of time. This standard is needed to provide assessment distances and specific guidance that are application-specific and realistic rather than the more general values in IEC 62471 where the specific application is unknown and time-weighted average exposures are not application-specific.
This Standard does not provide requirements for:
- lamps which primarily emit visible and/or infrared radiant energy
- lamp products used for general lighting or infrared illumination or heating, which are treated in separate standards.
- fluorescent ultraviolet lamps for tanning (covered by IEC 60335-2-27 and IEC 61228).
- medical treatment devices/products (see IEC 60601-2-57), but covers UV medical diagnostic products.
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