EVS-EN IEC 62563-2:2021

Medical electrical equipment - Medical image display systems - Part 2: Acceptance and constancy tests for medical image displays

General information
Valid from 31.12.2021
Base Documents
IEC 62563-2:2021; EN IEC 62563-2:2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This part of IEC 62563 establishes the performance CRITERIA and test frequencies for the ACCEPTANCE TESTS and CONSTANCY TESTS. The evaluation methods are defined in IEC 62563-1. The scope of this document is directed to practical tests that can be visually evaluated or measured using basic test equipment. This document applies to medical IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS, which can display monochrome image information in the form of greyscale values on colour and greyscale IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEMS. This document does not apply to information displays and to displays used solely for control of technical settings of all medical information.
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