EVS-EN IEC 62722-1:2022

Luminaire performance - Part 1: General requirements

General information
Valid from 16.08.2022
Base Documents
IEC 62722-1:2022; EN IEC 62722-1:2022
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This part of IEC 62722 covers specific performance and environmental requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1 000 V. Unless otherwise detailed, performance data covered under the scope of this document are for the luminaires in a condition representative of new manufacture, with any specified initial aging procedures completed.
This document covers requirements for luminaires to support energy efficient use and responsible environmental management to the end of life. The object of this document is to provide a set of requirements which are considered to be generally applicable to most types of luminaires. Where additional performance requirements for specific types of light source are relevant, these are specified in the IEC 62722-2 series. The IEC 62722-2 series can also cover a wider scope of performance aspects appropriate to the particular light source technology.
Semi-luminaires are not covered under the scope of this document.
For some types of luminaires (e.g. decorative or household) the provision of performance data under the scope of this document is not appropriate.
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