EVS-EN IEC 63203-406-1:2022

Wearable electronic devices and technologies - Part 406-1: Test method for measuring surface temperature of wrist-worn wearable electronic devices while in contact with human skin

General information
Valid from 15.02.2022
Base Documents
IEC 63203-406-1:2021; EN IEC 63203-406-1:2022
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Standard history
This part of IEC 63203 defines the terms, definitions, symbols, configurations, and test methods to be used to specify the standard measurement conditions and methods for determining the contact-surface temperature of wrist-worn wearable electronic devices intended to be worn directly on a human wrist and that can be worn continuously during use. The conditions of the test do not consider perfusion and results are therefore considered conservatively. The temperature increase is induced by the thermal energy of wearable electronic devices during operation. This document gives the general procedure for the test method applicable to various wrist-worn wearable electronic devices for use by ordinary persons which in the context of this document is a healthy human adult.
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