EVS-EN IEC/IEEE 60980-344:2021

Nuclear facilities - Equipment important to safety - Seismic qualification

General information
Valid from 03.05.2021
Base Documents
IEC/IEEE 60980-344:2020; EN IEC/IEEE 60980-344:2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard describes methods for establishing seismic qualification procedures that will yield quantitative data to demonstrate that the equipment can meet its performance requirements. This document is applicable to electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control equipment/components that are used in nuclear facilities. This document provides methods and documentation requirements for seismic qualification of equipment to verify the equipment’s ability to perform its specified performance requirements during and/or after specified seismic demands. This document does not specify seismic demand or performance requirements. Other aspects, relating to quality assurance, selection of equipment, and design and modification of systems, are not part of this document. As seismic qualification is only a part of equipment qualification, this document is used in conjunction with IEC/IEEE 60780-323. The seismic qualification demonstrates equipment’s ability to perform its safety function(s) during and/or after the time it is subjected to the forces resulting from at least one safe shutdown earthquake (SSE/S2). This ability is demonstrated by taking into account, prior to the SSE/S2, the ageing of equipment and the postulated occurrences of a given number of lower intensity operating basis earthquake (OBE/S1). Ageing phenomena to be considered, if specified in the design specification, are those which could increase the vulnerability of equipment to vibrations caused by an SSE/S2.
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