EVS-EN ISO 10472-2:1999

Safety requirements for industrial laundry machinery - Part 2: Washing machines and washer-extractors

General information
Withdrawn from 09.01.2009
Base Documents
ISO 10472-2:1997; EN ISO 10472-2:1997
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This part of ISO 10472 covers, together with ISO 10472-1, most significant hazards associated with washing machines and washer-extractors of all configurations having a net usable cage volume > 60 l. This part of ISO 10472 does not cover particular hazards for drawer-type washer-extractors. This part of ISO 10472 does not cover the hazards caused by processing work which may create an explosive or flammable atmosphere inside the machine. This part of ISO 10472 complements the basic requirements as laid down in ISO/TR 12100-1 and ISO/TR 12100-2. It also gives guidance to the designer on assessing the risks associated with the hazards (see EN 1050) and on selecting measures for attaining the required safety level. This part of ISO 10472 does not apply to ancillary equipment, e.g. chemical supply pumps, steam valves and supply pipe work, vent systems, work feed systems and discharge systems and ducting to the atmosphere.
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