EVS-EN ISO 105-J03:2009

Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part J03: Calculation of colour differences

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Valid from 06.01.2010
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ISO 105-J03:2009; EN ISO 105-J03:2009
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This part of ISO 105 provides a method of calculating the colour difference between two specimens of the same material, measured under the same conditions, such that the numerical value ∆Εcmc(l:c) for the total colour difference quantifies the extent to which the two specimens do not match. It permits the specification of a maximum value (tolerance) which depends only on the closeness of match required for a given end-use and not on the colour involved, nor on the nature of the colour difference. The method also provides a means for establishing the ratio of differences in lightness to chroma and to hue.
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