EVS-EN ISO 11611:2015

Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes (ISO 11611:2015)

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Valid from 02.09.2015
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ISO 11611:2015; EN ISO 11611:2015
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This International Standard specifies minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing including hoods, aprons, sleeves and gaiters that are designed to protect the wearer's body including head (hoods) and feet (gaiters) and that are to be worn during welding and allied processes with comparable risks. For the protection of the wearer’s head and feet, this International Standard is only applicable to hoods and gaiters. This International Standard does not cover requirements for feet, hand, face and/or eye protectors. This type of protective clothing is intended to protect the wearer against spatter (small splashes of molten metal), short contact time with flame, radiant heat from an electric arc used for welding and allied processes, and minimizes the possibility of electrical shock by short-term, accidental contact with live electrical conductors at voltages up to approximately 100 V d. c. in normal conditions of welding. Sweat, soiling or other contaminants can affect the level of protection provided against short-term accidental contact with live electric conductors at these voltages. For adequate overall protection against the risks to which welders are likely to be exposed, personal protective equipment (PPE) covered by other standards should additionally be worn to protect the head, face, hands and feet. Guidance for the selection of the type of welders clothing for different welding activities is detailed in Annex A of this International Standard.
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