EVS-EN ISO 1172:2023

Textile-glass-reinforced plastics - Prepregs, moulding compounds and laminates - Determination of the textile-glass and mineral-filler content using calcination methods (ISO 1172:2023)

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Valid from 15.09.2023
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ISO 1172:2023; EN ISO 1172:2023
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This document specifies two calcination methods for the determination of the textile glass and mineral filler content of glass-reinforced plastics:
—     Method A: for the determination of the textile glass content when no mineral fillers are present.
—     Method B: for the determination of the textile-glass and mineral-filler content when both components are present.
This document is applicable to the following types of material:
—     prepregs made from yarns, rovings, tapes or fabrics;
—     SMC, BMC and DMC moulding compounds;
—     textile-glass-reinforced thermoplastic moulding materials and granules;
—     filled or unfilled textile-glass laminates made with thermosetting or thermoplastic resins.
The methods do not apply to the following types of reinforced plastic:
—     those containing reinforcements other than textile glass;
—     those containing materials which do not completely burn off at the test temperature (for example, those based on silicone resin);
—     those containing mineral fillers which degrade at temperatures below the minimum calcination temperature.
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