EVS-EN ISO 12215-10:2020

Small craft - Hull construction and scantlings - Part 10: Rig loads and rig attachment in sailing craft (ISO 12215-10:2020)

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Valid from 01.12.2020
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ISO 12215-10:2020; EN ISO 12215-10:2020
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This document specifies methods for the determination of: - the design loads and design stresses on rig elements; and - the loads and scantlings of rig attachments and mast steps/pillars; on monohull and multihulls sailing craft. It also gives, in Annexes, "established practices" for the assessment of mast steps/pillars or chainplates NOTE 1 Other engineering methods can be used provided the design loads and design stresses are used. This document is applicable to craft with a hull length LH up to 24 m but it can also be applied to craft up to 24 m load line length. NOTE 2 The load line length is defined in the OMI "International Load Lines Convention 1966/2005", it is smaller than LH. This length also sets up, at 24 m, the lower limit of several IMO conventions. Scantlings derived from this document are primarily intended to apply to recreational craft, including charter vessels. This document is not applicable to racing craft designed only for professional racing. This document only considers the loads exerted when sailing. Any loads that may result from other situations are not considered in this document. Throughout this document, and unless otherwise specified, dimensions are in (m), areas in (m2), masses in (kg), forces in (N), moments in (N m), stresses and elastic modulus in N/mm2 (1 N / mm2 = 1 Mpa). Unless otherwise stated, the craft is assessed in fully loaded ready for use condition.
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