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EVS-EN ISO 13304-2:2022

Radiological protection - Minimum criteria for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy for retrospective dosimetry of ionizing radiation - Part 2: Ex vivo human tooth enamel dosimetry (ISO 13304-2:2020)

General information

Valid from 30.12.2022
Base Documents
ISO 13304-2:2020; EN ISO 13304-2:2022
Directives or regulations

Standard history

The purpose of this document is to provide minimum criteria required for quality assurance and quality control, evaluation of the performance and to facilitate the comparison of measurements related to absorbed dose estimation obtained in different laboratories applying ex vivo X-band EPR spectroscopy with human tooth enamel.
This document covers the determination of absorbed dose in tooth enamel (hydroxyapatite). It does not cover the calculation of dose to organs or to the body.
This document addresses:
a)   responsibilities of the customer and laboratory;
b)   confidentiality and ethical considerations;
c)   laboratory safety requirements;
d)   the measurement apparatus;
e)   preparation of samples;
f)    measurement of samples and EPR signal evaluation;
g)   calibration of EPR dose response;
h)   dose uncertainty and performance test;
i)     quality assurance and control.

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