EVS-EN ISO 13686:2013

Natural gas - Quality designation (ISO 13686:2013)

General information
Valid from 05.08.2013
Base Documents
ISO 13686:2013; EN ISO 13686:2013
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard specifies the parameters required to describe finally processed and, where required, blended natural gas. Such gas is referred to subsequently in this text simply as “natural gas”. The main text of this International Standard contains a list of these parameters, their units and references to measurement standards. Informative annexes give examples of typical values for these parameters, with the main emphasis on health and safety. In defining the parameters governing composition, physical properties and trace constituents, consideration has also been given to existing natural gases to ensure their continuing viability. The question of interchangeability is dealt with in Annex A (see Clause A.2).
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