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EVS-EN ISO 13850:2015

Safety of machinery - Emergency stop function - Principles for design (ISO 13850:2015)

General information

Valid from 03.12.2015
Base Documents
ISO 13850:2015; EN ISO 13850:2015
Directives or regulations
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)

Standard history

ISO 13850 describes functional requirements and design principles for the emergency stop function on machinery, independent of the type of energy used. The emergency stop function is intended to avert arising or reduce existing hazards to persons or damage to machinery. The function is initiated by a single human action. It does not deal with functions such as reversal or limitation of motion, deflection of emissions like radiation, fluids, shielding, braking or disconnecting, which can be part of the emergency stop function.

The requirements in ISO 13850 apply to all machines, with the exception of machines where an emergency stop would not reduce the risk and hand-operated machines. The text of ISO 13850:2015 has been approved in Europe as EN ISO 13850:2015 without any changes and supersedes EN ISO 13850:2008.

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