EVS-EN ISO 13940:2016

Health informatics - System of concepts to support continuity of care (ISO 13940:2015)

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Valid from 02.03.2016
Base Documents
ISO 13940:2015; EN ISO 13940:2016
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Standard history
This International Standard seeks to identify and define those processes which relate to co-operation between all parties involved in health care provided to human beings (to the exclusion of other living subjects). Given the definition of health as agreed by WHO, this International Standard will include those aspects of health care that rely on the acts of other actors than simply health care professionals. This International standard specifically addresses aspects of sharing information related to a subject of care that is needed in the process of health care. This International multi-part Standard addresses topics including: - health care actors and other parties; - organisational principles of health care, including co-operation between actors; - health issues, health conditions and their management; - time-related concepts like contacts, encounters, episodes of care and periods of care; - concepts related to process, workflow and activities; - concepts related to decision support, use of clinical knowledge and quality; - concepts related to responsibility and information flows within the clinical process, like health mandates and their notification; - concepts related to health data management. Whenever continuity of health care delivery implies social care activities as part of, or in support to, the process towards health recovery, these are to be mentioned wherever relevant in the process and workflow. In order to establish a common conceptual framework for continuity of care across national, cultural and professional barriers, all these concepts are defined in this document, and their inter-relationships identified.
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