EVS-EN ISO 14067:2018

Greenhouse gases - Carbon footprint of products - Requirements and guidelines for quantification (ISO 14067:2018)

General information
Valid from 16.10.2018
Base Documents
ISO 14067:2018; EN ISO 14067:2018
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document specifies principles, requirements and guidelines for the quantification and reporting of the carbon footprint of a product (CFP), in a manner consistent with International Standards on life cycle assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044).
Requirements and guidelines for the quantification of a partial CFP are also specified.
This document is applicable to CFP studies, the results of which provide the basis for different applications (see Clause 4).
This document addresses only a single impact category: climate change. Carbon offsetting and communication of CFP or partial CFP information are outside the scope of this document.
This document does not assess any social or economic aspects or impacts, or any other environmental aspects and related impacts potentially arising from the life cycle of a product.
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