EVS-EN ISO 17662:2005

Welding - Calibration, verification and validation of equipment used for welding, including ancillary activities

General information
Withdrawn from 04.04.2016
Base Documents
ISO 17662:2005; EN ISO 17662:2005
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This standard specifies requirements to calibration, verification and validation of equipment used for:
– control of process variables during fabrication,
– control of the properties of equipment used for welding or welding allied processes,
where the resulting output cannot be readily or economically documented by subsequent monitoring, inspection
and testing. This regards process variables influencing the fitness-for-purpose and in particular the safety of the
fabricated product.
NOTE 1 The standard is based on the lists of process variables stated in standards for specification of welding procedures, in
particular, but not exclusively on the EN ISO 15609 series of standards. Future revisions of these standards can result in
addition or deletion of parameters considered necessary to specify.
Some guidance is, in addition, given in annex B as regards requirements to calibration; verification and validation
as part of acceptance testing of equipment used for welding or allied processes.
Requirements to calibration, verification and validation as part of inspection, testing, non-destructive testing or
measuring of final welded products performed in order to verify product compliance are outside the scope of the
present standard.
The subject of the standard is limited to calibration, verification and validation of equipment after installation, as part
of the workshops’ schemes for maintenance and/or operation.
NOTE 2 It should be stressed that the standard has nothing to do with manufacture and installation of equipment for welding.
Requirements to new equipment are formulated in directives and product codes (standards), as necessary.
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