EVS-EN ISO 17663:2023

Welding - Quality requirements for heat treatment in connection with welding and allied processes (ISO 17663:2023)

General information
Valid from 01.06.2023
Base Documents
ISO 17663:2023; EN ISO 17663:2023
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Standard history

ISO 17663 sets out quality requirements for heat treatment in air or controlled atmospheres. This standard is applicable to workshops and on-site operations related to welding and forming, primarily focusing on ferritic steels. In some cases, it can be used for other materials as well.

This welding standard provides guidance for manufacturers that perform heat treatment or produce heat-treated products or components. ISO 17663 can also be used as a basis for assessing the manufacturer in respect to its heat treatment capability. It serves as a reference for evaluating a manufacturer's capability in conducting heat treatment processes effectively. The text of ISO 17663:2023 has been approved in Europe as EN ISO 17663:2023 without any changes.

This standard provides:

—    specific requirements for heat treatment by manufacturers in order to have a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001,

—    specific requirements for heat treatment in specifications which require the manufacturer to have a quality system other than ISO 9001,

—    specific guidance for a manufacturer developing a quality control system for heat treatment,

—    specific guidance for post-weld heat treatment for manufacturers adopting ISO 3834-2 or ISO 3834‑3.

—    detailed requirements for specifications, regulations or product standards that require control of heat treatment activities.
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