EVS-EN ISO 18134-3:2023

Solid biofuels - Determination of moisture content - Part 3: Moisture in general analysis sample (ISO 18134-3:2023)

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Valid from 03.07.2023
Base Documents
ISO 18134-3:2023; EN ISO 18134-3:2023
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This document describes the method of determining the moisture content in the general analysis sample by drying in an oven. The method described in this document is applicable to all solid biofuels. The moisture content of solid biofuels (as received) is always reported based on the total mass of the test sample (wet basis).
Since biofuels in small particle size are very hygroscopic, their moisture content will change with humidity in the atmosphere and, therefore, the moisture of the general analysis sample is determined simultaneously with the determination of other properties being measured (e.g. calorific value, volatile matter, metals, etc.).
NOTE       Biomass materials can contain small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can evaporate when determining moisture content by oven drying (see References [1] and [2]). The release of such compounds is quite small relative to the overall moisture content as determined by this method and is disregarded in this document.
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