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EVS-EN ISO 18674-8:2023

Geotechnical investigation and testing - Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation - Part 8: Measurement of loads: Load cells (ISO 18674-8:2023)

General information

Valid from 02.10.2023
Base Documents
ISO 18674-8:2023; EN ISO 18674-8:2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document specifies the measurement of forces by means of load cells carried out for geotechnical monitoring. General rules of performance monitoring of the ground, of structures interacting with the ground, of geotechnical fills and of geotechnical works are presented in ISO 18674-1.
This document is applicable to:
—     performance monitoring of geotechnical structures such as anchors, tiebacks, piles, struts, props and steel linings;
—     checking geotechnical designs and adjustment of construction in connection with the observational method;
—     evaluating stability during or after construction.
This document is not applicable to devices where the load is purposely applied to geotechnical structures in the wake of geotechnical field tests such as calibrated hydraulic jacks for pull-out tests of anchors or load tests of piles.
NOTE 1       This document fulfils the requirements for the performance monitoring of the ground, of structures interacting with the ground and of geotechnical works by the means of load cells as part of the geotechnical investigation and testing in accordance with References [2] and [3].
NOTE 2       ISO 18674-7 is intended to define the measurement of forces by means of strain or displacement gauges.

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