EVS-EN ISO 19063-2:2020

Plastics - Impact-resistant polystyrene (PS-I) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties (ISO 19063-2:2020)

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Valid from 02.10.2020
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ISO 19063-2:2020; EN ISO 19063-2:2020
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This document specifies the methods of preparation of test specimens and the test methods to be used in determining the properties of PS-I moulding and extrusion materials. It establishes the requirements for handling test material and for conditioning both the test material before moulding and the specimens before testing. This document gives procedures and conditions for the preparation of test specimens and procedures for measuring properties of the materials from which these specimens are made. It lists properties and test methods which are suitable and necessary to characterize PS-I moulding and extrusion materials. The properties have been selected from the general test methods in ISO 10350-1. Other test methods in wide use for, or of particular significance to, these moulding and extrusion materials are also included in this document, as are the designatory properties specified in ISO 19063-1. The methods of specimen preparation and conditioning, the specimen dimensions and the test procedures specified herein are used to obtain reproducible and comparable test results. Values determined will not necessarily be identical to those obtained using specimens of different dimensions or prepared using different procedures.
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