EVS-EN ISO 19905-1:2023

Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy - Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units - Part 1: Jack-ups: elevated at a site (ISO 19905-1:2023)

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Valid from 15.11.2023
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EN ISO 19905-1:2023; ISO 19905-1:2023
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The site-specific assessment (SSA) of a jack-up normally comprises the two parts, an elevated SSA (SSA-E), addressed in this part of ISO 19905, and an installation and removal SSA (SSA-I), addressed in ISO 19905-4.
This part of ISO 19905 specifies requirements and provides recommendation and guidance for the elevated site-specific assessment of independent leg jack-up units for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries. It addresses:
a) manned non-evacuated, manned evacuated and unmanned jack-ups;
b) the installed (or elevated) phase at a specific site.
To ensure acceptable reliability, the provisions of this part of ISO 19905 form an integrated approach, which is used in its entirety for the site-specific assessment of a jack-up.
This part of ISO 19905 does not apply specifically to mobile offshore drilling units operating in regions subject to sea ice and icebergs. When assessing a jack-up operating in regions subject to sea ice and icebergs, it is intended that the assessor supplement the provisions of this part of ISO 19905 with the relevant provisions relating to ice actions contained in ISO 19906 and procedures for ice management contained in ISO 35104.
This part of ISO 19905 does not address design, transportation to and from site, or installation and removal from site (which is addressed in ISO 19905-41). However, it is advisable that the assumptions used in the assessment be checked against the as-installed configuration.
This document is applicable only to independent leg mobile jack-up units that are structurally sound and adequately maintained, which is normally demonstrated through holding a valid recognized classification society (RCS) classification certificate.
NOTE 1 An RCS is an International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) member body, meeting the RCS definition given in 3.52.
Jack-ups that do not comply with this requirement are assessed according to the provisions of ISO 19902, supplemented by methodologies from this part of ISO 19905, where applicable.
NOTE 2 Future revisions of this part of ISO 19905 can be expanded to cover mat-supported jack-ups.
NOTE 3 Well conductors are a safety-critical element for jack-up operations. However, the integrity of well conductors is not part of the site-specific assessment process for jack-ups and is, therefore, not addressed in this part of ISO 19905. A.1 provides references to a publication addressing this topic.
NOTE 4 RCS rules and the IMO MODU code (International Maritime Organisation Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit code) provide guidance for the design of jack-ups.
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