EVS-EN ISO 21531:2009

Dentistry - Graphical symbols for dental instruments

General information
Valid from 03.04.2009
Base Documents
ISO 21531:2009; EN ISO 21531:2009
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard presents a series of graphical symbols for dental instruments. They are set out particularly for this area of dentistry or corresponding specific areas within dentistry. General symbols are taken from relevant ISO, IEC or other international documents. Several new symbols presented by manufacturers or users have been added. Because many dental products are considered in some cases as medical devices and in some cases not as medical devices, in dentistry the restricted usage of the symbols specified in ISO 15223 is considered as not practical. It is the intention of this International Standard to expand the application area of some graphical symbols specified in ISO 15223 to the whole area of dentistry. Therefore these symbols are listed in this International Standard together with their source document.
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