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EVS-EN ISO 21909-1:2023

Passive neutron dosimetry systems - Part 1: Performance and test requirements for personal dosimetry (ISO 21909-1:2021)

General information

Valid from 01.08.2023
Base Documents
ISO 21909-1:2021; EN ISO 21909-1:2023
Directives or regulations

Standard history

This document provides performance and test requirements for determining the acceptability of
neutron dosimetry systems to be used for the measurement of personal dose equivalent, Hp(10), for
neutrons ranging in energy from thermal to 20 MeV1).
This document applies to all passive neutron detectors that can be used within a personal dosemeter
in part or in all of the above-mentioned neutron energy range. No distinction between the different
techniques available in the marketplace is made in the description of the tests. Only generic distinctions,
for instance, as disposable or reusable dosemeters, are considered.
This document describes type tests only. Type tests are made to assess the basic characteristics of the
dosimetry systems and are often ensured by recognized national laboratories
This document does not present performance tests for characterizing the degradation induced by the
— intrinsic temporal variability of the quality of the dosemeter supplied by the manufacturer;
— intrinsic temporal variability of preparation treatments (before irradiation and/or before reading),
if existing;
— intrinsic temporal variability of reading process;
— degradation due to environmental effects on the preparation treatments, if existing;
— degradation due to environmental effects on the reading process.

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