EVS-EN ISO 23903:2021

Health Informatics - Interoperability and integration reference architecture - Model and framework (ISO 23903:2021, Corrected version 2021-07)

General information
Valid from 03.05.2021
Base Documents
ISO 23903:2021; EN ISO 23903:2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This International Standard provides a model and framework for integrating different standards as well as systems based on those specifications by supporting the use case specific identification and consistent, formal representation including constraints of necessary components and their relationships. It facilitates analysis and improvement of specifications under revision as well as the design of new projects. The approach is future proof due to its scientific soundness, based on systems theory, knowledge representation and knowledge management via ontology development and harmonization, that way supporting advanced interoperability between dynamic, multi-domain systems through knowledge and skills sharing in the context of intelligent cooperation. The approach is successfully deployed in several standards such as ISO 22600, ISO 21298, ISO 13606, ISO 12967, ISO 13940 and ISO 13972 (both under way), but also in most of the HL7 security specifications. The intended International Standard adopts objectives, content and presentation style used in other foundational standards such as ISO/IEC 10746, this way qualifying for a potential ISO/IEC 10746-6.
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