EVS-EN ISO 2553:2014

Welding and allied processes - Symbolic representation on drawings - Welded joints (ISO 2553:2013)

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Withdrawn from 02.05.2019
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ISO 2553:2013; EN ISO 2553:2013; EVS-EN ISO 2553:2014/AC:2018
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EVS-EN 22553:2000
This International Standard defines the rules to be applied for symbolic representation of welded joints on technical drawings. This may include information about the geometry, manufacture, quality and testing of the welds. The principles of this standard may also be applied to soldered and brazed joints.
It is recognized that there are two different approaches in the global market to designate the arrow side and other side on drawings. In this Interational Standard:
—  clauses, tables and figures which carry the suffix letter "A" are applicable only to the symbolic representation system based on a dual reference line;
—  clauses, tables and figures which carry the suffix letter "B" are applicable only to the symbolic representation system based on a single reference line;
—  clauses, tables and figures which do not have the suffix letter "A" or "B" are applicable to both systems.
The symbols shown in this International Standard may be combined with other symbols used on technical drawings, for example to show surface finish requirements.
An alternative designation method is presented which may be used to represent welded joints on drawings by specifying essential design information such as weld dimensions, quality level, etc. The joint preparation and welding process(es) are then determined by the production unit in order to meet the specified requirements.
NOTE  Examples given in this International Standard, including dimensions, are illustrative only and are intended to demonstrate the proper application of principles. They are not intended to represent good design practices, or to replace code or specification requirements.
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