EVS-EN ISO 29461-1:2021

Air intake filter systems for rotary machinery - Test methods - Part 1: Static filter elements (ISO 29461-1:2021)

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Valid from 15.10.2021
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ISO 29461-1:2021; EN ISO 29461-1:2021
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This document specifies methods and procedures for determining the static performance of particulate air filters used in air intake filter systems for rotary machinery such as stationary gas turbines, compressors and other stationary internal combustion engines. It applies to air filters with an efficiency of 85 % or more for the MPPS (EPA and HEPA filters) which are tested according to ISO 29463 (all parts) and filters with a lower efficiency which are tested according to ISO 16890 (all parts). The procedures described in both ISO 16890 (all parts) and ISO 29463 (all parts) are applied and extended by this document to air filters which operate at flow rates within the range 0,24 m3/s (850 m3/h) up to 2,36 m3/s (8 500 m3/h). Static filter systems normally use multiple stages of coarse, fine and optional EPA or HEPA filter elements to protect the machinery. The scope of this document includes methods for performance testing of individual filter elements. It does not include methods for the direct measurement of the performance of entire systems as installed in service except in cases where they can meet the qualification criteria for the test assembly. Nevertheless, cumulative filter efficiencies of multistage systems of fine filters can be calculated by using the methods described in ISO 16890-1. This document refers to static (barrier) filter systems but can also be applied to other filter types and systems in appropriate circumstances, for example to evaluate the initial efficiency of cleanable and surface loading filters. The performance results obtained in accordance with this document cannot be quantitatively applied (by themselves) to predict performance in service with regard to efficiency and lifetime.
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